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rock me, roll me!

Name: Sarah Dee
Age/gender/location: 21, Female, Oregon
How did you find us?: r_u_a_pinup
Favourite music and/or artists (list no more than 10): (In no particular order) Tomahawk, Neko Case, Split Lip Rayfield, Operation Ivy, The Mars Volta, Dead Kennedys, The Cramps, Horrorpops, Black Sabbath, and Johnny Cash.
Favourite movies and/or TV shows (list no more than 10): Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, Monsters Inc, The Emperor's New Groove, Paper Moon, Second Hand Lions, The Worlds Fastest Indian, Dodgeball, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Family Guy.
Hobbies: Bowling, Playing Violin, Photography (I'm working on a pinup calendar atm), Art.
Describe your style: Hm... I pull from 40s, 50s, rockabilly, indie, and whatever else I see and think is cute.
Favourite body feature: My eyes.
Hottest member (no mods): uh.... The girl before me since she's the only person in here other than me?
Promote us in 3 places: I don't promote unless I'm accepted!
Give us a 200x200 picture of you for our members page!:

Post 5-10 photos of yourself. At least one of these should be a body shot:

You must also fill this clause:

I, Sarah Dee, thisaintnomecca, have read all community rules and promise to adhere to them and if accepted, to be an active community participant. I understand that I'll probably get my ass challenged outta here if I fail to do so.

signed, Sarah Dee, thisaintnomecca
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