Stephanie (stephywilecat) wrote in rock_n_rate,

Mod does application

Name: Stephanie
Age/gender/location: 18/fem/Sydney Australia
How did you find us?: Kimmy aka evil kimbo inspired my brain.
Favourite music and/or artists (list no more than 10): demented are go, gbh, uk subs, cock sparrer, zombie ghost train, abba, pet shop boys, and such like.
Favourite movies and/or TV shows (list no more than 10): pretty much anything that will make me laugh.
Hobbies: rock n roll dancing, collecting retro smutty postcards and magazines.
Describe your style: pseudo nostalgic.
Favourite body feature: lips
Hottest member (no mods): I'm thinking whether I should keep this question or not.. what do you guys think?
Promote us in 3 places: thats what ive been doing baby.
Give us a 200x200 picture of you for our members page!

Post 5-10 photos of yourself. At least one of these should be a body shot:

I, steph promise to be a good maintainer and ensure that this here community doesn't go under like all the others


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