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Brian VanderWerff


Here's my Application

Name: Brian V
Age/gender/location: 21, Male, Sydney AUS (Originally from Ontario, Canada)
How did you find us?: Steph's LJ!
Favourite music and/or artists (list no more than 10): augh: FallOutBoy; HollywoodUndead; DashboardConfessional; Thursday; Thrice; Alexisonfire - I'll leave it at that
Favourite movies and/or TV shows (list no more than 10): Family Guy; House; Idol; Pulp Fiction; LuckyNumberSlevin; WickerPark; Can'tHardlyWait; AmericanHistoryX; AnythingKevinSmith
Hobbies: Movies; Frequenting the Gym; MSN; Downloading anything; Beach-time
Describe your style: Changes - scrubby/prep?
Favourite body feature: um.... my hair?
Hottest member (no mods): Probably Sarah Dee, [info]thisaintnomecca
Promote us in 3 places: For sure, when I'm accepted :P - Probably myspace; my LJ; and another community :)

Give us a 200x200 picture of you for our members page!:

Post 5-10 photos of yourself. At least one of these should be a body shot:

Surfers Trip 127.jpg

03MarchSide 003.jpg

Brian 3.jpg

Brian 13.JPG

Mark - 174.jpg

Mark - 359.jpg

Picture 307.jpg
vanity :P before I got all fat! LMAO ;)

You must also fill this clause:

I, Brian V, [info]sawanangel, have read all community rules and promise to adhere to them and if accepted, to be an active community participant. I understand that I'll probably get my ass challenged outta here if I fail to do so.

signed, Brian V, [info]sawanangel
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