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rock_n_rate's Journal

Rock n' Rate
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Our aim...
to only have rockin hotties, cuties and beauties in the community!

Rules for applicants:
-Must post application within 3 days of joining.
-Must answer all questions.
-Do NOT delete your application or comments on your application.
-Must put "Rock me, Roll me..." in application subject line!!
-Do not comment/vote on any posts/applications except your own until accepted.
-You will get a personalised stamp with your photo in it!

The Application:

Accepted Lovelies:
-Judge applicants just on their applications and the pics they have submitted. No sway me votes!
-Participate in themes and superlatives!
-Alert any of the maintainers of a username change or if you will be on hiatus and cannot participate in the community.
-Any nudity goes behind an lj cut which states "over 18s only".
-Be honest.
-Post pictures of your beautiful selves!

Promo Rules:
-Do not promote in random people's journals unless they allow it.
-You may INVITE random people if they impress you (this means you must tell them that you specifically want them to try out)
-You can promote in friend's journals.
-You can promote a community in here ONLY if you promote us in there.
-If you promote in a friends only journal, be prepared to be asked for another one...

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The Rock n' Rate Cucking Stool:
cucking stool: (kuk'-ing stool) n. a stool formerly used as a punishment-seat in which scolds and other petty offenders were place out of doors to be exposed to public derision.

Everything else you would possibly want to know is in rocknratethings